There is a desperate need in Israel for Special Schools for special needs children. According to the published statistics of the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security Administration, over 1,000 disabled and mentally handicapped or otherwise severely challenged youngsters are at home nationwide for lack of an appropriate framework, with the number increasing every year. The problem is especially acute in Northern Israel where the lack of institutions for the disabled is sorely felt.

Tzohar's Mission is to determine the potential of each student and foster independence so that he/she will be able to achieve the best quality of life and interact productively with society.


Tzohar was founded in 1986 by Daniel Fisher who designed a curriculum to exercise the dormant mind and body of his own “special” child, and was eager to share his innovative concepts with neighboring families with similar issues. He approached Rabbis Moshe Tanami and Yehudah Melamed, well-known educators and the founders and directors of the Or Chadash Educational Center in Rechassim, Israel, who happily agreed to help facilitate the first class of eight children within the Or Chadash campus. Eight months later, Mr. Fisher passed away, relinquishing his legacy to the two Rabbis.

Today, Tzohar provides a very special educational curriculum and productive learning environment for over 100 children and offers support and guidance to their families. Our newly renovated and specially equipped campus services children with difficulties ranging from the mildly dysfunctional, to complexly brain-damaged, with special accommodations for the terminally ill.
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