In biblical times, when G-d commanded Noah to build an ark to protect his family and animals, he was instructed to add as special window to provide light for those inside.

This window, "Tzohar" in Hebrew, was a means of maintaining contact with the outside world, while protecting those within. Like its biblical reference, Tzohar is a window to the world, providing shelter and quality of life for special needs children.

Tzohar's programs are the light to these children and their families, creating hope and encouragement for all of our futures.

There is a desperate need in Israel for Special Schools for exceptional children. According to the published statistics of the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security Administration, over 1,000 disabled and educationally challenged youngsters are at home nationwide for lack of an appropriate framework, with the number increasing every year.

Tzohar has gained a reputation as one of the finest schools for special needs children in Israel, due to the innovative, personalized program created by its muti-disciplinary professional stafft.

Tzohar's Mission is to determine and develop the potential of each student; to foster the student's independence so that he/she will be able to maintain a quality of life and to interact with society by contributing to and receiving from it.

Long summer days are often branded by the good times had and the memories that they create. At Tzohar, every day is summer filled with sunshine, good times, and tremendous strides in physical and emotional growth. We bring joy into the lives of the special children entrusted to our care, and by helping us, may your life only be filled with joy and happiness. May G-ds goodness always shine down on you, warming you and your family.

 Rabbi Moshe Tanami

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